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Our Process You build the home of your choice on your property
by following a simple, step-by-step process. . .

Your Land

It all starts with your home site, located where you want to live, almost anywhere in Central North Carolina. If you don't already own land on which to build your new home, perhaps we can help you find just the right location.

Your Budget

You set the target budget for your new home based on your family's lifestyle, goals and comfort level. And then we work with you to pull together the home you want, at the price you want to pay.

Your Design

If you have already found the home plan you want, that's no problem. We are a true, custom builder. we'll simply build your plan!

If you haven't found the right plan yet, you have choices. You can choose from one of our floor plans. And you can modify our plan to your heart's content to get just the design you are looking for.

But if you still can't find the perfect home, you have even more choices. Perhaps you can find the right plan online. You have literally thousands of choices.

Or, if that still doesn't capture your unique vision for your new home, we'll work with you to create your dream home from scratch. Our award-winning CAD Design team can draw up anything you can imagine. And their design fees are included in the price.

And at the end of the design step, you get to review and approve your final plans before they go in for permitting and construction.

Your Price

Unlike some other builders, we give you a fixed price on your home so you always know what you're spending. The only variable costs will be things you change yourself, like adding extra options or upgrades after the purchase agreement has already been finalized, or site improvement costs.

But you can cover yourself on posible options or upgrades by including extra allowances in the purchase agreement for items you know you may want to change or upgrade. And, if you don't use any of the allowances you set aside, you get them back in the end. So it doesn't cost you anything to plan ahead.

And we help you put a cap on site improvement costs too. We provide a detailed estimate of site improvement costs. Things like clearing, well, septic, driveway, landscaping, extra foundation expenses, utilities, and so forth. If you establish our recommended allowances, including a contingency allowance, we guarantee that your site development costs won't exceed the estimate.

Your Design Consultant

We provide the services of a professional interior designer to assist you in making your selections of materials and colors for your new home. No need for you to worry about making selection mistakes that will haunt you later. No fretting about whether the wall color will clash with the carpet, or how that Kitchen faucet works with the light fixture.

This gives you the peace of mind of knowing that all of your selections will harmonize and come together beautifully at the end.

This valuable service is included in the price of your home and is at no additional cost to your. For many of our homebuyers, it is their favorite part of the entire process.


We ask for a modest contract deposit when the purchase agreement is written. Then we typically get paid the balance by your lender in fout-to-six progress payments (called draws) as the house is built: typically the first when the foundation is completed, then when framing is done, then when drywall is hung, and the final payment when the home is finished. There may also be a pre-start deposit if you are borrowing less that the cost of the home.

Modern constuction lenders (generally large local banks) are flexible and easy to work with, and will lend you as much as 90% to 95% of the total purchase price (or even 100% if you already own your home site).


We can start when your pre-construction checklist items are done (things like your construction loan closing, takng title to the property, insurance, tap fees or health department permits, exterior color selections, et cetera) and when we have your final construction blueprints done and building permits in hand. This typically takes 8 to 12 weeks, plus or minus a few weeks.


The base price includes a fully complete Piedmont Personal Builders home, built on your home site in accordance with the standard features and specifications. You save money on site improvement costs because you only pay the actual cost of the work. We help coordinate the work but there are no fees, mark ups, or overheads applied.

And during construction, you're not left alone. Our Construction Superintendent serves as your guide during construction, explains the process, assists you with questions, and helps keep your home on schedule.

If you have time and want to save even more money, do a little Homework (our term for customer completion items). Do the painting, do the final cleaning, build a deck. You'll save thousands more. It's up to you.

Moving In

When your home is completed, we give you a walk through orientation on the home. Make sure everything is up to standards, give you your keys, then start your warranties. After that it's "home sweet home."


Every Piedmont Personal Builders home is covered by our North Carolina 6-year limited home warranty administered by Residential Warranty Corporation. Subject to normal exclusions and procedures as described in the RWC warranty, all systems in your home are covered for one year against defects in labor and materials, and the home is warranted against structural defects for six years.

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