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We Make It Easy For You to Provide A Valuable Service To Your Client

Throughout Central North Carolina, there is a need for professional, custom building services on scattered home sites. Piedmont Personal Builders specializes in building custom homes on scattered home sites owned by the homebuyer. This initiative is in response to the difficulty many prospective homebuyers have experienced over the years in finding a custom builder to build a quality, site-built home on land they already own.

Simply introduce your client to us, either personally or through an E-mail registration. This registration covers you as the Buyers' agent, and we’ll take it from there.

Your Involvement

You can be involved as much, or as little, as you like. We handle the home
site inspection, coordinating the home design, blue print revisions and
selections. We hold their hands throughout construction. And, in the end,
they’ll call you to thank you for what a wonderful experience they had!

This increases your productivity, and enables you to serve more clients, better.

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Your Land Sales

Frequently, the agent who assisted the client in purchasing the land introduces us to their client. This can also help you increase your land sales, because we offer a free, no-obligation home-site evaluation service. This is a valuable tool to you and your client where we come out and inspect the site with you or your client to answer any questions they may have about its suitability for the kind of home they plan to build there. This can give your client confidence in moving forward with the land purchase, and moving them closer to their goal of building their new home.

Service Before, During, and After The Sale




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